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Our why

Reasons why we joined One Team.

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I love freedom, I'm glad I can be there when my kids grow up. And thanks to Duolife, I can do business whenever I want, with whom I want and from where I want, from all over the world, because I love traveling and I enjoy going on holiday for free and driving with BMW, which the company gave me for 2 years.



My name is Zdeňka Kawuloková, I come from Guty near Třinec. It is a small village below Javorový vrch in the Beskydy Mountains. I have been a member of Duolife since November 2019. I started working with this company after a great experience using the My Blood product, which helped me with my health problems. I had severe anemia. Duolife grabbed my heart because I feel vital and healthy again after a long time. And most importantly, I don't have to take any medication prescribed by my doctor. That is why I take care of and use the products preventively. I like to help people. It makes me happy to see how happy and grateful they are for showing me this way. I want to continue working at Duolife because I am a saleswoman and this job is demanding both time and physically. I still want to enjoy life, I want to secure my retirement, I like to travel, I like to roam the mountains in the Beskydy Mountains, I want to have more free time and devote myself to my four grandchildren. I'm starting to gain that freedom here in Duolife.

Ruda and Lenka

Ruda a Lenka

I'm Ruda, and I used to have a dream. Create a great group of people with whom we have something to talk about and with whom we will have something to remember. Create a team that will make the world better and more beautiful. I did business in many fields, and enough funds have already flowed through my bank accounts, but still the team? The basis of teamwork is to have a team at all! The idea for ONE TEAM was created in collaboration with my friends and is now growing outside the Czech Republic. And what is one of my rewards? My happy wife Lenka. You know, I'm always looking forward to sitting down tonight and she blissfully says, "But life is cool." And he often adds, "Where are we going now?" And then we start planning our next joint adventure. I don't know exactly how to define the joy of life, but I know that my life makes sense to me and I enjoy it vigorously. Thank you for you and our ONE TEAM.



I studied violin and made a living working in an orchestra for a while. But life has indicated to me that my path leads completely differently. Development has always been important to me. I like to learn new things and even better pass them on. Therefore, when the opportunity arose to participate in the development of DuoLife in the Czech Republic and Western Europe, I did not hesitate for a minute. The opportunity to learn new things and the vision that I will be able to pass on my experience to hundreds of other people are the fuel for my business engine. Freedom of thought, a common vision, a great group of people and a perfect system of rewards, then brings a feeling of happiness, which is hard to find in another field of business.



I am 47 years old, I am a proud mother of two adult children and a happily filled grandmother of two grandchildren. I like to keep fit, I try to eat healthier and I really enjoy occupying my brain and still learning something. I have been employed for 11 years in a field that I enjoy and satisfactorily satisfies my current financial needs. Nevertheless, I have been looking for something to improve my budget for a long time. Even though I am already a grandmother, I still have a lot of plans and it will not work without further income. In May 2020, I was introduced to DuoLife. It was a period of getting acquainted with a new life, health and especially work situation. And because I work in the hospitality and hospitality industry, I saw DuoLife as a momentary opportunity and at the same time a long-sought Plan B. Becoming a member was an almost immediate decision. I know that (since I have a lot of time-consuming work) my career advancement at DuoLife will not be rocketing, but I will gradually build a stable above-average income and be able to help other amazing people fulfill their dreams. Natural products, exceptional in their composition, convince me of the right step I have taken every day.



Not only as a yoga teacher, I have been solving a sufficient intake of basic substances that our body needs for its activity for several years now. I know that it is difficult to get all the necessary ingredients in sufficient quantities from a normal diet. Most food supplements on the market are either chemical or use preservatives or binders that burden our bodies, and most natural products do not guarantee the amount of ingredients. Duolife products meet all my requirements for a natural and comprehensive food supplement. I have great experience with products, so I decided to promote them so that other people could take advantage of their great effects.
And I believe that doing business with Duolife will provide me with a stable and sufficient monthly financial security in the future, so that I can devote myself fully to leading yoga classes, that is, what I enjoy and what I consider my mission. Time flexibility will also allow me to spend more time with my family and traveling, which is my next passion, and my partner and I still have a lot of places we would like to visit.



I joined DuoLife in 2019, mainly due to the need for food supplements. In the autumn of 2018, my friend began intensive treatment for cancer and did not take any dietary supplements from the beginning, but over time, the demanding treatment began to show. In the summer of 2019, I joined the company on recommendation and started buying products. For the first year, only Lenka used the products and I drank occasionally, but due to the strengthening of the body, in the summer of 2020 I also started using the products to the full. The company got me through products. That was the beginning. My health is resolved. Now still solve finances and have time at the same time. I am an employee and at the same time a business. In 2019, I thought that I would start my business more significantly (bus transport of schoolchildren) and I would be able to terminate my employment. But given the situation in our country, I could not do it. I have met MLM before and gained some experience. And it all fits together beautifully. 1. I have confidence in the products. 2. The company is expanding its range of quality products, so they are really for everyone. 3. An MLM system and starting a big company with an amazing reward plan. 4. One year or two years of working with DuoLife, I will build and stabilize my position and I will have the opportunity to terminate my employment without risk.
That's why the Regional Manager in DuoLife and not just as a user.



I had a feeling that no matter what I did, I was still spinning in a circle. At the age of 44, I had a strong need to change something. My joints ached and the overall exhaustion was obvious in everything. A friend with a Duolife theme came in my way. I liked it at first glance. I have been using the products for a year now, and after a short time my mind has been excellently concentrated and over time I have found a new meaning in myself. I am extremely grateful for the opportunity to be part of the team, to have the opportunity to be educated and not to be alone. I love doing what feeds me and still helping others find the same opportunities to live better.



DuoLife helps me maintain and cultivate the health and beauty of not only myself, but also my friends. I am in the center of relaxed and sincere people. I very much appreciate the benefits of financial stability.



I am the mother of a two-year-old boy and the offer to join DuoLife came at a time when I was thinking about what I would do after parental leave and how to start my own business.
I was especially impressed by the system by which this company can be run at business, but also by the products that are offered. Already after the first month of use, I had migraines with which I have been fighting since I was a teenager, and my atopic eczema improved. All naturally without chemistry. I'm really excited. I can take care of the family, work and help people. I believe that this work will become my main income and it will become a way to be financially and temporally free.



Duolife thrilled me with its purity.

Products, people, energy. It's like feeling where you are supposed to be. I love products. Not only do they look beautiful and taste great, but I also feel a change in energy, in greater comfort, in the quality of my hair, in a good sleep. As if I managed to go around half of the world in seven-mile boots in one jumper every morning, collect the best that nature has to offer and balance it synergistically as a bonus. And what about job opportunities? When you love her, there is nothing to deal with.



My name is Michal, I am a husband and a father. Why I joined DuoLife was my family. My original job was a construction manager. Thanks to this time-consuming job, I didn't have much time for my family. Now I can work from home, and plan my own work and personal time. Another reason was that our products are used by top athletes, so for me a mark of the highest quality. My dream was to work in the sports industry, and now I have succeeded thanks to DuoLife. As a big fan of FC Baník Ostrava, I am proud that DuoLife has become an important partner of Baník Ostrava.

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